Results of USPSA July 2018

We had 58 shooters at the July match.  It was hot.  A rare breeze was a real treat in the Cooper Bays.  Much thanks to the set up crew: Lee Rouse, Mike Wingard and Joe Magagnoli. I was on crutches from an ankle injury – so not much help from me.  David Lyell, Sr. from the Augusta area was the top shooter in Open Division.  Wally Burbage from Charleston was the winner in Limited Division.  Scotty Simpson from Summerville was the best shooter in Production Division & Mike Wilkerson was the best in PCC Division. Travis Crain from Augusta was the top competitor in Revolver Division.  Mark Sullivan from Evans GA was the winner in Single Stack Division.  Wilbert Spruell from Charleston won in Carry Optics Division.