IDPA at MCRC 12/2019 Classifier Match

The next IDPA at MCRC match will be on December 28th and will be a Classifier only match. Due to IDPA doing away with Universal Classifications it’s more important now than ever to maintain your Classification, especially if you intend to shoot Tier-2 and higher matches.

We are going to offer all three classifiers – the 5×5 for pistols and PCC’s, the 72-round Standard Classifier for pistols and PCC’s and the 45-round PCC Classifier for PCC’s only.

We have to have a minimum of 10 pre-registered shooters to make set up of a Classifier stage viable. If there are less than 10 shooters registered for any Classifier when online registration closes Thursday night that stage WILL NOT be set up. If either the Standard or 5×5 become overfilled we’ll set up an extra stage for them and split the shooters. We only have one bay long enough for the PCC Classifier so there will only be at most one set up.

Due to the simplicity of classifier stage set up, we will do set up starting at 0800 Saturday – no Friday set up. That means come early.

You will be allowed to shoot two guns. However, you must shoot in two different Divisions and also must shoot two different Classifier stages. This is to prevent confusion in scoring and uploading to IDPA. First gun will be $10 and second gun will be $5. We accept cash only, no checks, no plastic. You will be turned away if you try to pay with anything other than green American dollars.

See you Saturday.