IDPA at MCRC National Postal Match plus Gambler’s side match – February 22nd 2020

The IDPA at MCRC National Postal Match is scheduled for February 22nd, 2020. In addition to the NPM we’ll have one Standards warm up stage to knock the cobwebs off. Competitors can expect a 2 to 4 point equipment check as part of the match. We will also be having a Gambler’s side match which is in no way connected to IDPA. Info on the side match can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can register and squad at starting about the time you receive this e-mail. Online registration will close Thursday the 20th at 10:00 PM. Cost will be $15 for regular shooters, $10 for ladies, first time shooters are free and as always Juniors shoot free with a paid adult shooter. Please bring exact change. No checks, no credit cards, no IOU’s. Anyone who is not a first time shooter will be charged an additional $5 for registering Saturday AM. Check in starts at 8:45 and closes promptly at 9:45. If you’re registering online for someone other than yourself use their e-mail address. If you have any problem registering or squadding contact Mike at . This weekend’s match will be limited to 77 shooters so get signed up early. If you’re not sure you’ll make it it’s easier to delete your entry the morning of the match than it is to add you.

Match set up will be Friday afternoon starting at 2:00. The reason last month’s match was cancelled is because the weather was sketchy and only two senior citizens showed up which is simply not enough people. Set up crew as always shoots for free.

SO’s you know who you are and we greatly appreciate your efforts. We need two SO’s per squad so please spread yourselves out so we don’t have to adjust squads Saturday morning. Don’t forget you also shoot free.

The schedule for Saturday looks like this;

Gates open / 0800

Final set-up / 0800

Check in/registration / 0845-0945

SO briefing / 0830

New shooter brief / 0945

Pre-match brief / 0955

Pulling triggers / 1000

Gambler’s match / after main match

Jug water will be supplied free of charge. Come on out and make this a successful match. This is your chance to compete against other IDPA shooters worldwide. Thank you for your support! See you one the range!

Gambler’s side match

What are the divisions?

Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC), Iron Sight Pistol (ISP) and Optic Sight Pistol (OSP)

What does it cost?

Five dollars American per run, you can shoot it as many times as you want to win.

What do I win?

Each division’s pot is held separately, the winner of each division gets half the take and the other half is kept by the club to upgrade equipment and props to bring you better matches. The more people who shoot the bigger the pot.

Can I shoot more than one gun?

You can shoot as many different guns in as many divisions as you wish.

What are the equipment rules?

All guns must be 9mm or larger pistol caliber. Pistols must be actual handguns. AR (etc) style pistols will not be considered handguns no matter what the ATF says.

What kind of optics?

PCC’s are open. OSP must have slide mounted optics only, no USPSA Open style guns need apply.

If I have multiple guns, how do I transport them?

PCC’s must be bagged and/or flagged. If carried flagged only they must be carried no mag, vertical, muzzle up. Pistols must be holstered or in a bag. Remember this is a cold range.

What if all my pistols don’t use the same holster?

No problem, all strings of fire will start from low ready.

Can I shoot a short barreled PCC?

Yes, you can shoot a 4″ barrel PCC with a brace from the shoulder. I will be.

How much ammo will I need?

PCC will be about 60 rounds per string and pistols will be about 30. Bring lots!

What else do I need to know?

Well I’m sure I missed something. Probably a lot of somethings. Please contact me (Bob) at this email or shoot me a text.