IDPA at MCRC, November 23rd

Good news. The Nov 23rd IDPA at MCRC match is on. Registration will be open from 0845 until 0945. New shooter brief at 0945, shooters pre match brief at 0955 and triggers pulled at 1000. The plan is to have six IDPA stages – one warm up, one Standards and four Scenario. All IDPA divisions will be participating.

On top of that we’ll have on side stage that does not count for the IDPA match score. Consider it as a separate match. If you’re entered in the regular match you’re automatically entered in the side match, but you’re not required to shoot it. Two divisions – PCC and Centerfire Pistol, run what you brung, if it’s pistol caliber you can shoot it. No division capacity and so no one has to change holsters it’ll be a table start. Figure on 30+ rounds.

Practiscore registration will open as soon as I can get PS to cooperate with my router and laptop – hopefully this afternoon. Registration fee for this month is $20 for everyone. All proceeds will be donated to Toys for Tots. Additional donates are welcome but please don’t bring toys as we won’t be set up to transport them.

Finally, as always we need help setting up. Due to early onset of darkness let’s plan on starting at 1400 (that’s 2PM for 1911 shooters) Friday afternoon. Maximum participation is appreciated.