Results USPSA May 2018

Thanks to those who set up the match on Friday: Mike Wingard, Bob Bailey, Bill Wahl, Joe Magagnoli & Robert Schulze. Setup was the hottest afternoon of the year so far, and the Cooper bays are brutal when the temperature is over 95 degrees.  Thanks to Mike Adams for stage design review.  There were 58 competitors at our May match.  Results are available at  (for those of you who are USPSA members – club code SC02), and also at  Jack Suber was our top Open division shooter.   Wally Burbage was the high Limited division shooter.   Dan Doughton was the only shooter in Limited 10 division.  Mike Wilkerson was the high Production division shooter.  In Single Stack division, Douglas Wilton was the top competitor.  Patrick Barry was the high competitor in the Carry Optics division.  Jamie Dudley was the top PCC competitor, and Travis Crain was the top Revolver competitor.  One competitor who will not lead the rankings in the competition, but who certainly inspires all of us, is Henry who prefers to be called by the nickname “Bubba.”  See the video below to see how he shoots our matches without hands or functional arms.

Our next match will be a the second Saturday in June (June 9th).