Guest or Prospective Members FAQ

Can I purchase a day pass for the range?

No, you must be a member of the club to use the range unless you are coming as the guest of a member or if you are participating in one of the organized matches that are open to non-members.

Are all competitions open to non-members?

Yes, all the regularly scheduled club competitions that you see on the Calendar page are open to non-members.  Occasionally, the club will host a special competitive event (state, regional or national championships) which will require pre-registration and will usually require membership in a specific national shooting organization, although they do not require club membership.  For example, in 2017 MCRC will host the USPSA State Pistol Championship, the NRA 2700 Pistol State Championship and the SASS Cowboy Action State Championship.

I cannot seem to get the application filled out and printed.  Can I get a paper form?

Yes.  Come to a club meeting and we will have paper applications available.

What are the club dues?  Is there a discount for couples or multiple family members?

Club dues are $175 per year.  When you first apply, there is a one time application fee of $25.  So $200 is due with a new application, and renewals are $175 for subsequent years.  All MCRC memberships are “family” memberships.  All adult members of your household are members for one price.  In order to use the range independently, each family member must attend a safety briefing and obtain a gate access card.

MCRC Members FAQ

There are a lot of rules.  How can anyone remember all of them?

There is no need to memorize pages of rules.  The General Range rules (MCRC Range Rules) are less than 3 pages long, with the first page and a half specifying fairly common safety rules.  There are some area or bay specific rules, and these are posted on the specific areas of the range where they apply.

I cannot get the renewal form filled out and printed.  Can I get a paper form?

Yes.  Come to a club meeting and we will have paper forms available.