March 2024 IDPA Report

We had 29 shooters come to our March 23rd match at MCRC. Temp in the bays was 65 degrees. 5 scenario stages; 1 standards stage. A good crowd for a weekend when many larger matches were going on. If you were able to make it out, thanks for attending.

We dedicated the match to Richard Boyd (“Moonshine”) a Match Director from SASS (Cowboy style shooting) that was a regular attendee to our IDPA match. Richard passed in January. One thing unique about his style, he was right handed but cross eye dominant, so he taught himself to shoot left handed. A good man, he will be missed.

Winners of each class and their division (from Practiscore):

High Overall: Bryan Smith (also High Carry Optics Pistol and High Expert)

High Rifle: Geraldo Cruzado (Pistol Caliber Carbine); (10th Place Overall and High Novice)

High Sharpshooter: Derek Spoor (COP)

High Marksman: Jim Kornilieff (SSP)

High Unclassified: Shawn Morley (COP)

Most Accurate: Bob Bailey, down 2 for the match, excellent. (Most Accurate are shooters that did not hit a non-threat target on any stage). 21 shooters made the Most Accurate list.

High Concealed Carry Pistol: Brian Mello, SS

High Custom Defensive Pistol: Mike Fowke, SS

High Enhanced Service Pistol: Mike Phillips, SS

High Stock Service Pistol: Gerald Douglas, EX

High BUG: Chris Makekau, UN

Honorable Mention: How about veteran Corey Robinson. I have been asking him for years to come to our match and was glad he finally joined us. I hope he comes back, he told me he had a good time. Also creds to Derek Spoor for posting his AI created video, that’s always appreciated and worthy of special thanks.

Setup Crew, Many Thanks: I saw Mike Phillips, Brent Stone, Bob Bailey, Don Rawls, Geraldo Cruzado, Bobby Franklin, Xenia Mountrouidou, Jamie Elks and Marc Richman. There was some rain on Friday and dire predictions for Saturday, but nothing significant fell. I had to put my 3 stages off due to rain in January, and I was determined not to put them off again.

Match Breakdown:

Ladies – 1

Juniors (17 and under) – 4

Seniors /Distinguished Seniors – 20

Military – 5

Law Enforcement – 2

Division and Classification breakdown:

Carry Optics Pistol had 18 shooters. Enhanced Service Pistol had 5; Stock Service Pistol had 6; Custom Defensive Pistol had 1; Concealed Carry Pistol had 6; and Pistol Caliber Carbine had 1 shooter. (Match breakdown and Division numbers based on sign up numbers, not actual attendance)

No matter what gun you shoot, we have a place for you at MCRC IDPA.

Sharpshooter class had the most IDPA shooters at 13.

Stage ideas:

Thanks for your feedback on our stage designs. Please submit your ideas for any stages to me or Mike and we will get them in in 2024.

2 of my stages were taken (stolen with credit given?) from Frank Scalise’s match in Belton last year, and he helped me with design issues and questions regarding the running of them both. If you ever go anywhere and shoot a stage you like, bring it forth. I have never met anyone that minds if you copy a stage.

Stage winners:

Stage 1, Problem Solver [with the pick up Yeet Cannon]: Bob Bailey (expert in High Point firearms?)

Stage 2, Cricket’s Cantina [with the tip over table]: Bryan Smith (14.90). 2 shooters shot it clean with 0 down and 0 penalties.

Stage 3, Xenia’s Escape [shooting while handcuffed]: Bob Bailey (13.69). 2 shooters shot it clean and Xenia herself was only 1 down. Most shooters shot the stage well, I think handcuffs consciously force pistol shooters to maintain a good strong grip position.

Stage 4, Standard Deduction [standards stage]: Bryan Smith won the stage and was the only shooter to shoot it clean.

Stage 5, Acorn Apocalypse [Fake car, 4 rounds per target, replay of a recent LEO incident]: Gerald Douglas. 3 shot it clean.

Stage 6, Back Seat Driver [shooting out of the back of the real car from the back seat. I still say we were the first IDPA club in the US to do this]: Gerald Douglas. 8 shot it clean.

I should have mentioned that High Rifle on every stage was Geraldo Cruzado…

Bryan Smith won the match by 3.55 seconds over Bob Bailey. Bryan placed 1st in Stage 2 and 4, and 2nd in stage 3 and 5, and 4th in stage 6.

March Stage Breakdown:

 Stage 3, “Cricket’s Cantina”

Bryan Smith was fastest on this stage, 14.9 seconds and 1 point down. Somewhere in there was a reload.

On this stage, 1 shooter hit a non-threat, and 0 had a procedural error. 2 shooters (Bob Bailey and Geraldo Cruzado) shot it perfectly with 0 down and 0 penalty.

Take a look at it below and see how you would approach it:

New Match Update:

 Geraldo Cruzado has made his submittal to the Board to propose a new PCC/Action Pistol Match to be held the fourth Sunday of the month at MCRC. Mike and I will support Geraldo with our technical knowledge in this endeavor as he takes on the role of Match Director, and John Champoux will serve as Assistant Match Director. Look for updates on our Facebook page and on the MCRC website.

Next IDPA match will be Saturday April 27, 2024. Come join us! Help us grow our match by bringing someone with you to a match this year. Neighbor, co-worker, student, folks you see in the gun shop. Get them to come out and shoot or watch a few stages. Our sport grows by word of mouth. On our end, we will try and put on a few “Introduction to IDPA” Classes soon…

Comments are appreciated below if you are viewing this on our Facebook page IDPA at MCRC. Or at our e-mail address [email protected].

[submitted by Don Rawls, A653878]