MCRC Juniors Program

Our reconstituted Juniors program completed its first class October 29. Seven participants from the Columbia (CL-56) Palmetto Division US Naval Sea Cadets successfully completed the program and were awarded certificates of completion.

Additionally, all seven shot to qualify for their Marksmanship ribbon. All seven qualified, with two Marksmen, four Sharpshooter, and one Expert. Each will be presented their ribbon at the unit’s annual awards program in December.

Lt (JG) Joe Long, the unit’s training officer, praised the program and is planning follow-on sessions this coming summer. He ventured the opinion that the participants will be the best recruiters for the program based on their experience and enthusiasm.

The orientation program is a five-week firearm safety and basic marksmanship training using pellet rifles. MCRC offers the program free of charge to any youth or youth group. More information is available on the club website.

If you are involved in a youth (8-18 years of age) program and would like to investigate setting up a program for your group, contact me. Individual inquiries are also welcome.

Sea Cadets Receive Training from Jim Boyd
Jim Boyd Evaluating Form and Shot Placement
Columbia (CL-56) Palmetto Division US Naval Sea Cadets