The Annual CAPT JEB FORREST MEMORIAL MATCH was held on Saturday, June 29, 2024. Eight (8) shooters, including Capt. Jeb’s grandson, who shot his first full match in the Junior Lawman (3-gun) Category, participated in an abbreviated match, and we also had 2 spectators, one of whom was Miss Jennell, Capt. Jeb’s widow, join us. A lovely picnic lunch, which also gained the attention of scores of curious fire ants, followed the match, and everyone, excepting the ants, seemed to leave the event with full bellies and fond memories.

There was only 1 clean shooter for the match, Sgt. Henry, who, when factoring in his clean bonus stage, finished the match with a lightning quick adjusted score of 61.04. Congrats Sarge!

Here are the match results:

Senior 4 Gun Double Duelist Outlaw

Doc Who                                                                   329.05

Elder 4 Gun Black Powder Shootist

Manassas                                                                 339.12

Working Cowboy – Shootist (2 Gun — 1 Rifle/1 Pistol)

Sgt. Henry                                                                 61.04 (clean match)

Rowdy McCabe                                                        112.30

Dutch McCabe                                                         154.33

Working Cowboy – Duelist 

Youghiogheny Kid                                                    112.16

Junior Lawman (3 Gun — 1 Rifle, 1 Pistol, 1 Shotgun)

Gunner (aka Li’l Jeb)                                              338.17

4 Gun Smokeless Shootist

Parker Palomino                                                      208.17  

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone for a great match.

REMINDER: Our next monthly match will be on Sunday, July 14, 2024. The match will consist of 4 main stages and a bonus stage, based on events from the Old West. Hope to see you all there.