NCOWS January 2023 Match Report

The South Carolina Old West Shootists (SCOWS), our local NCOWS-affiliated posse, held their first match of 2023, the regularly scheduled monthly “2nd Sunday” match, on Sunday, January 8, 2023, in the Cooper Pistol Bays at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club. The weather started out cold and overcast, but the range warmed up, and the sun was able to occasionally shine through the clouds, making for a fine shooting day for the 7 shooters and 1 junior observer/helper who participated in the match. As usual, the match consisted of 4 main stages and a bonus stage, which challenged shooters’ long-range accuracy with their pistol on a set of smaller static targets. For this match, the posse tried something a little different for its main stages, using targets of varying smaller sizes that were placed at various distances within the recommended ranges for each target category (Rifle/Pistol/Shotgun), and mixing up gun order to require splitting pistols into 2 separate strings and splitting rifle strings and requiring reloading between 3 to 5 rifle rounds “on the clock”, which made for an interesting match. 

Even with these new twists, Sgt. Henry managed once again to shoot a clean match, while Cheyenne Jim earned a special commendation for perfect execution on the bonus stage, shooting 4-for-4 with his pistol, Duelist style (i.e. one-handed), on the small rifle targets in the back of the bay within the time required to avoid penalties. 

Here are the match results, by category:

Private Detective (1 Pistol)

Sgt. R. Henry, 1st Place                                            62.40

4 Gun Smokeless Duelist

Doc WHO, 1st Place                                                665.77

Elder 4 Gun Black Powder Shootist

Manassas, 1st Place                                                579.75

Working Cowboy (1 Rifle, 1 Pistol)

Moonshine, 1st Place                                               184.10

4 Gun Smokeless Shootist

Youghiogheny Kid, 1st Place                                   454.33

Parker Palomino, 2nd Place                                    495.44

3 Gun Black Powder Duelist (1 Rifle, 2 Pistol)

Cheyenne Jim, 1st Place                                          665.77

Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone for a great match.


The next SCOWS match will be our regularly scheduled “2nd Sunday” match for February on Sunday, February 12, 2023, in the Jeff Cooper Pistol Bays at Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.

Also, members of the South Carolina Old West Shootists will be present for all days of the Battle of Aiken reenactment being held from February 24-26, 2023, at the Battle of Aiken Park, 1210 Powell Pond Road, Aiken, SC.  SCOWS members will be serving as Provost Marshals for the event, possibly participating in a reenactment of an Old West gunfight, and greeting folks at our usual display table, where we’ll be showing off our shooting irons and talking about the Old West and Cowboy Action Shooting. 

Hope to see you there!