NCOWS May 2023 Monthly Match Results

The South Carolina Old West Shootists (SCOWS) held their regularly scheduled monthly “Second Sunday” match for May 2023 on Sunday, May 14, 2023, in the Cooper Pistol Bays at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.

We had 6 posse members come out to shoot 4 main stages based on gunfights from the Old West.

There were 2 clean shooters for the match — Congrats to Sgt Henry and Cheyenne Jim for some accurate shooting. 

Here are the match results, by category:

Lawman (1 Rifle, 1 Pistol, Shotgun)

Sgt. R. Henry, 1st Place                                               290.94 (clean)

Elder 4 Gun Smokeless Duelist Outlaw

Doc WHO, 1st Place                                                    525.91

Elder 4 Gun Black Powder Shootist

Manassas, 1st Place                                                    528.65

Working Cowboy (1 Rifle, 1 Pistol)

Moonshine, 1st Place                                                  183.92

Homesteader (1 Rifle, 1 Shotgun)

Cheyenne Jim, 1st Place                                             199.78 (clean)

4 Gun Smokeless Shootist

Youghiogheny Kid, 1st Place                                       446.57

Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone for a great match.


The next SCOWS match will be our June “2nd Sunday” match on Sunday, June 11, 2023.

Hope to see you there!