September 2023 IDPA Report

September 2023 IDPA Report

We had 64 shooters come to our September 23rd match at MCRC. Temp in the bays was 80 degrees with a few drizzles early on. 4 scenario stages; 1 5 x 5 Classifier. A large crowd for us for sure. Thanks for attending, and if you missed it, come join us in October.

Winners of each class and their division (from Practiscore):

High Master: Bob Bailey (Concealed Carry Pistol);

High Expert: Jonathan Oliver (Carry Optics Pistol); (High Pistol, 2nd Place Overall);

High Sharpshooter: Eric Jackson (Pistol Caliber Carbine, High PCC and High Overall);

High Marksman: Matthew Stugart (COP);

High Novice: Geraldo Cruzado (PCC);

High Unclassified: Michael Cragin (COP);

Most Accurate: Adam Scott, down 1 for the match, excellent. 42 shooters made the Most Accurate list (they did not hit a non-threat target on any stage);

High Back Up Gun: Asa Durham, EX;

High Concealed Carry Pistol: Phillip Askins, UN;

High Custom Defensive Pistol: Jason Karstedt, UN;

High Enhanced Service Pistol: Carl Thompson, SS;

High Stock Service pistol: Gerald Douglas, EX

Honorable Mention: Let’s go with New Shooters…that was the most I have seen at a New Shooter briefing, had to be at least a dozen. Thanks for coming out, hope you enjoyed what we put together, and please come back and shoot with us again.

Setup Crew, Many Thanks: Mike Phillips, Geraldo Cruzado, Bob Bailey, Don Rawls, Jamie Elks, Jim Kornilieff, Bill Kilgore and Marc Richman. Come out and give us a hand with construction, as an added benefit you get to preview the stages and you get to shoot for free on Saturday.

Match Breakdown:

Ladies – 4

Juniors (17 and under) – 4 (excellent – Stevie has some addition to his group)

Seniors /Distinguished Seniors – 28

Military – 7

Law Enforcement – 7

Division and Classification breakdown:

Carry Optics Pistol had 22 shooters. Enhanced Service Pistol had 4; Stock Service Pistol had 19; Custom Defensive Pistol had 6; Concealed Carry Pistol had 4; and Back Up Gun had 1 shooter. Pistol Caliber Carbine had 9 shooters.

No matter what gun you shoot, we have a place for you at MCRC IDPA.

Sharpshooter class had the most IDPA shooters at 14, but still was outnumbered by Unclassified shooters at 25…

Stage ideas:

I (we) really appreciate your feedback on our stage designs. Any shooter is welcome to submit a stage design, or even just some rough ideas for a stage design, even something you shot at another match that you enjoyed.  

Analysis of a win:

Let’s take a look at Eric’s placing in each of the stages:

Stage 1, Bad Directions [with the real car]: 5th;

Stage 2, Ship Shape [with the round portal]: 1st;

Stage 3, Ambulance Chasers [with the foamboard car]: 2nd;

Stage 4, Delivery Driver [with the pull door]: 9th;

Stage 5, 5 x 5 Classifier: 1st.

Overall great accurate shooting from Eric (3 down for the match) and if you have every SO’d him, you know that no one moves faster through a stage.

September Stage Breakdown:

 Stage 4, “Delivery Driver”

It is with great pride to announce that James (Jamie) Elks (COP) was fastest on this stage with a raw time of 22.30 seconds, with 1 point down. That’s 1.29 seconds per shot, and somewhere in there after the clock started there was a magazine reload AND he had to open a door to engage some targets.

Most of you guys know that Jamie and I grew up together in St. Andrews (Broad River Road and I-20 St. Andrews, not Irmo St. Andrews) and played soccer together at Columbia High School. We started shooting IDPA together in July 2015 when he came to my house to do some air conditioner work and I mentioned that I had been going to MCRC since March of that year.

On this stage, 2 shooters hit a non-threat, and 4 had a procedural error. 5 shooters shot it perfectly with 0 down and 0 penalty.

Take a look at it below and see how you would approach it:

Next match will be Saturday October 28, 2023. I am toying with the idea of some shorter distances, less round count stages for a Back Up/Small Carry Gun friendly type match.  Bay 6, which we have not shot in over a year, is back open so we will have a stage in there. Come join us!

Comments are appreciated below if you are viewing this on our Facebook page IDPA at MCRC. Or at our e-mail address [email protected].

[submitted by Don Rawls, A653878]