April 2022 IDPA Report

We had 27 shooters come to our April 23rd match at MCRC. Weather was clear, high temp was 80 degrees. 5 stages, including one Standards stage.

Stages and skills involved-

Stage One: Shooting from retention, shooting cut-down targets (reduced size) and a kick door with pop up disappearing target. May have been completed without a reload for SSP shooters.

Stage 2: Shooting while seated, gun in briefcase, new flop up prop.

Stage 3: Standards, shooting from 5 positions behind barrels, 10-15 yards.

Stage 4: Downloaded start, briefcase in hand, shooting while moving, backing up, swinger target.

Stage 5: Cell phone start, shooting with strong hand only, short distances clearing hall and rooms 3 rounds each target.

Winners of each class and their division:

High Master: Tim Fritz (Compact Carry Pistol)

High Expert: Bob Bailey (Carry Optics) (also overall match winner)

High Sharpshooter: John Hatch (Stock Service Pistol)

High Marksman: Rick Walker (Carry Optics)

High Novice: Stevie Phillips (SSP)

High Unclassified: Zack Christie (SSP)

Most Accurate Shooter: Rick Walker (8 down for the match, excellent)

Honorable Mention: We had 7 new shooters attend. I hope you guys (and gal) enjoyed it and please come back and shoot with us again.

The match was run under the new IDPA rulebook, not many changes, but as expected a slight uptick in the number of SSP shooters. Had one shooter that was assessed a procedural penalty for appearing to step beyond a fault line, but he quickly pointed out the fault line was an illegal 2’ length. Procedural penalty was promptly removed. Keep in mind we are all still learning the new rules and having to adjust our existing props accordingly.

Setup Crew: Mike Phillips, Don Rawls, Geraldo Cruzado. We need help with setup if we are to continue to hold fun, interesting, and challenging stages (I assure you that is our goal). The match directors are considering pulling everything out into the bays on Friday and letting shooters build the stages on Saturday morning. It worked pretty good at this match but delayed our start time by 30 minutes. The “new” flop up prop we pulled out seemed to work okay, we will try and implement it into some other matches.

Next match will be Saturday May 28, 2022. Please come join us. Spread the word and bring someone with you!

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[submitted by Don Rawls]