June 2022 IDPA Report

Geraldo’s daughter Julie shooting Stage 4, Dealer’s Choice, using a Taurus .22 with a red dot optic. Mike Bucklin is the Safety Officer.

June 2022 IDPA Report

We had 27 shooters come to our June 25th match at MCRC. 3 squads. Weather was clear, high temp was 85 degrees, very humid. 6 stages, comprised of 4 Standards Stages, 1 Scenario stage and a Warm Up stage. Nothing too crazy as far as stage design. Total times ranged from 95 seconds up to 358 seconds, with a bunched-up group in the 140-160 second range. Mike Fowke had a damaged sear and his 1911 went full auto on Stage 2 before stove piping. No injuries reported.

Winners of each class and their division:

High Master: Tim Fritz (Compact Carry Pistol)

High Expert: Bob Bailey (Carry Optics Pistol)

High Sharpshooter: Mike Bucklin (Stock Service Pistol)

High Marksman: Matthew Stugart (COP)

High Novice: Barron Smith (Pistol Caliber Carbine)

High Unclassified: Andrew Newell (SSP; was in duty gear)

Long Distance Award: Geraldo’s daughter Julie was in town from Hoover, Alabama and came out and shot our match. She did well using a Taurus .22 with an optic.

Setup Crew: Mike Phillips, Stevie Phillips, Don Rawls, Geraldo Cruzado, Julie Ragland, Bob Bailey.

Skill Note: I have instructed folks that attend our introduction class that IDPA will expose deficiencies in one’s ability to put shots on a target efficiently (meaning accurately under the stress of a timer) as well as any equipment deficiencies. Your handgun may function well at an air-conditioned indoor range slowly shooting through one magazine. That same handgun when exposed to the elements outside and being run quickly through different magazines can malfunction. One skill that you can obtain from participating in IDPA is how to calmly and safely clear all kinds of malfunctions and stay in the game.    

Next match will be Saturday July 23, 2022. Please come join us. Spread the word and bring someone with you!

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[submitted by Don Rawls]