March 2022 IDPA Report

March 2022 IDPA Report

Mike Bucklin shoots the car stage “Bad Directions” on March 26th

We had 39 shooters come to our March 26th match at MCRC. Weather was clear, high temp was 60 degrees. High winds affected the stages, with targets being blown off sticks and activators being tripped.

Winners of each division:

High Master: Mike Wilkerson (Pistol Caliber Carbine) (also overall match winner)

High Expert: Jonathan Oliver (Enhanced Service Pistol)

High Sharpshooter: Mike Bucklin (Enhanced Service Pistol)

High Marksman: Don Rawls (Stock Service Pistol)

High Novice: Jonney Grunnet (SSP)

High Unclassified: Barron Smith (PCC)

Most Accurate Shooter: (tie) Gerald Douglas (CDP) and Mike Wilkerson (PCC) both 10 down for the match.

Thanks to the setup crew. We had a lot to build, but it made for a good match.

Next match will be Saturday April 23, 2022. Please come join us.

[submitted by Don Rawls]