March 2022 NCOWS Match Results

The South Carolina Old West Shootists (SCOWS) held their regularly scheduled monthly “Second Sunday” match for March on Sunday, March 13, 2022, in the Cooper Pistol Bays at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.  As usual, the match consisted of 4 main stages, which were based on events that occurred in the Old West during the mid to late 19th Century (and, for this match, were the continuation of an interesting story-line from February’s match about one of the true villains from the days of the early post-Civil War West, Cullen Baker). There was also a bonus stage, which once again allowed shooters to challenge their long range pistol skills. Given how cold it was at the start of the match, it was collectively decided that this match would be a “misses only” untimed event, since no one was really excited about having to take off their gloves to operate a timer. The “misses only” match proved to be a lot of fun, especially given the challenges of some of the required shots and shot strings, and, at the end of the match, the posse decided on continuing to occasionally offer such matches on a regular basis as part of the SCOWS schedule, with specially tailored stages challenging aiming skills. Since the match was untimed, bonuses were scored as either 1/2 miss removed from your score for a -5 second bonus, and a full miss removed from your score for a -10 second bonus, in accordance with NCOWS penalty rules.

We had 9 shooters brave the cold start of the day, but it warmed up pretty quickly and, by the end of the match, it was actually a quite beautiful day. There was one (1) clean shooter this match — Congrats to Sgt. Henry for shooting clean in the Town Marshal category.

Here are the match results:

                                                            Number of Actual Misses            Adjusted Final Score (with Bonuses)

Town Marshal

Sgt. R. Henry, 1st Place                                     0                                              -2

Senior Working Cowboy

MoonShine, 1st Place                                        2                                              -2

Elder 4 Gun Smokeless Shootist (but he sure did make a lot of smoke….)

Manassas, 1st Place                                         12                                            12


Parker Palomino, 1st Place                                3                                             1.5

Working Cowboy

Youghiogheny Kid, 1st Place                              7                                             3.5

Black Powder Town Marshall

Hollywood, 1st Place                                          8                                               5

4 Gun Smokeless Junior

Jose, 1st Place                                                  14                                             10

California Kid, 2nd Place                                   15                                            11.5 

4 Gun Smokeless Duelist

Doc Who, 1st Place                                            26                                           25.5

Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone for a great match.


1. The next SCOWS match will be a “2nd Sunday” match on April, 10, 2022.  Hope to see you there!

2.  April is also one of the months in 2022 that has an “extra” weekend to it, and, as such, SCOWS will be holding a “5th Saturday” match on April 30, 2022. This match is being tentatively scheduled as the posse’s annual Capt. JEB Forrest Memorial match complete with a picnic/Bar-B-Q luncheon and some specially tailored stages. More details to follow.