NCOWS December Monthly Match Report

After a 2 month break due to scheduling conflicts, the South Carolina Old West Shootists (SCOWS) held a regularly scheduled monthly “2nd Sunday” NCOWS match for the month of December on Sunday, Dec. 10, 2023, in the Cooper Pistol Bays at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.

A total of 9 shooters, including 4 Juniors (1 of which was a Lady Junior), and 1 spectator braved a forecasted rainy morning and were able to get 2 complete stages in before the rain returned and it was decided to break down the targets before the rain got worse. The entire group then adjourned to a local restaurant and “re-shot the match with better results” over some good food. 

There were 2 clean shooters for this (partial) match: congrats to SGT Henry and Cheyenne Jim!  Also, Moonshine hit all his targets, but messed up target order on a stage, earning himself a “Dagnabbit” for this match (that’s where you get only 1 miss or penalty (not a safety violation or a stage DQ) on what would otherwise be a clean match). 

Thanks to all participants for a great match.


The next SCOWS match will be a “5th Saturday” Match in December, on 30 Dec 2023, which will be a rescheduled “Gunfight at the OK Corral” Commemorative Match, which we usually hold in October. The stages for this match will be based on the events that occurred in Tombstone, AZ Terr. relating to this famous gunfight and the resulting “Earp Vendetta Ride.” Hope to see you there!