October 2021 Steel Challenge

On October 16th, we had 26 shooters come out with 44 firearms to participate in Steel Challenge. The shooters included 1 junior and 4 ladies. Nick McAllister led Carry Optics in 72.59. Charlie Earp won Pistol Caliber Carbine Open in 62.51. Todd Syssa led Rimfire Pistol Open in 54.28, as well as Rimfire Rifle Open in 53.31. Gary Christopher won Rimfire Rifle Iron in 60.10. There were 2 shooters in the Single Stack, Production, Open, and Rimfire Pistol Iron divisions. There was 1 shooter in the Limited, Optic Sight Revolver, Iron Sight Revolver, and Pistol Caliber Carbine divisions.

Our next match will be on November 20th.

Official Steel Challenge stages consists of 4-5 runs on 5 pieces of steel at set distances. Misses may be made up as long as it is done before hitting the “stop” plate, indicated by a red post. The longest string is tossed out and the remaining times are added together to get your stage time. Stage times are added together to get your match time. Occasionally, we run one unofficial stage during matches. Additional general information and stage diagrams may be found at https://scsa.org/.