Steel Challenge July 15, 2023

SUMMER HOURS!!! Match starts at 9:00 am!

$5 LATE FEE for registration after 8:50 on Saturday!!!

We will have a MCRC Steel Challenge match this Saturday, July 15th. The cost is $10 for one gun, or $15 for two guns. Juniors shoot free & first-time shooters to Steel Challenge shoot for half price. Preregistration is required for anyone except new shooters. Anyone, who is not a new shooter, registering at the range the morning of the match will be charged an additional $5. Anyone needing to withdraw the morning of the match, please text me at the number below.

We will be shooting 5 stages: Accelerator, Ultimate Option (WILDCAT), Showdown, Roundabout, and Smoke & Hope.

You may register a third gun in a different division from your first two entries, but do NOT put it in a squad!!! If space is available in your squad when I download the match information, I will add your third gun to your squad. The cost for the third gun will be $5.

If you plan to shoot on Saturday, please preregister at:

If you register someone other than yourself – put their email address on the registration form, so that they get the automated message and do not register twice. You will be able to squad as soon as you register. If you cannot squad – don’t register the same gun twice. Email me & I will squad you.

Set up will be on Friday at 1:30 pm. If you help set up, you will get a $15 credit. If you cannot shoot this month, we save your discount for the next time you join us.

Registration will start at the range at 8:15 am on Saturday and END at 8:50 am. Shooting will start at 9:00 am. We will have ice water in a bulk container for free, but you will need to bring your own bottles. If you want anything else to drink or eat, you will need to bring it with you. Sun-screen is a good idea, too.

SPEED LIMIT:  The speed limit on the range is 15 MPH or slower. If you are kicking up dust, you are going too fast!

MATCH/RANGE RULES:  Cold Range Rules are in effect. No handling of firearms unless you are in a safety area or at the direction of a Range Officer. This means all firearms must be in a bag, box, holster, etc., all other times. If you are a CWP holder and carry to the range, you need to remove it from your person and secure it in your vehicle before coming up the paved road to the Cooper Bay parking area. Do not park in any driveways to ensure that emergency vehicles can access the range if needed. No ammo, snap-caps, dummy ammo, etc., may be handled in the safety area. Also remember to wear your eye and ear protection and that goes for the bystanders/family members. Thanks for your cooperation.

Questions? Contact Julie @ [email protected]