February IDPA Report

February IDPA Report

Our monthly match was held February 26, 2022. This was our annual Classifier match. We had 21 shooters come out.

Unofficially (the official and final call regarding classification is made by IDPA) I counted 2 shooters that moved up in Classification. John Champoux moved into CCP Sharpshooter and Geraldo Cruzado moved into COP Marksman. I also note the following Unclassified shooters and their new classification: Nancy Grunnet, ESP Marksman; Karen Fields, CCP Novice; Randy Doucet, COP Marksman; Bruce Peterson, SSP Marksman; Rick Walker, CDP Sharpshooter; Stevie Phillips, SSP Novice; Stuart Vernon, ESP Sharpshooter; and David Chudd, COP Marksman. These shooters took their classifier for the first time since joining IDPA or were classified in a new firearm division. If I left anyone out that moved up (or gave any false hopes out) please forgive me.

Next match is scheduled for Saturday March 26, 2022 and we are planning on a typical spring match; moving targets, the real car; a new standards stage which a club member helped design.

Setup will be Friday the 25th starting at 2 pm, but please come out whenever you can. Setup crew shoots for free on Saturday.

We are going to do another Introduction to IDPA class on Sunday March 20st at 3 pm. We will be meeting in the Juniors Building for an hour and then moving to the Cooper Bays to shoot a stage. This will be the last intro class offered until October. Please help us get the word out!

Submitted by Don Rawls, MCRC IDPA, [email protected]

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