IDPA Information and October Report

IDPA? The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is a group that facilitates a shooting sport based on real-life encounters and self-defense. You will notice that our stages are more centered on actual situations that you can encounter. Real-life scenarios on the 5 or 6 stages that comprise a match could be representative of convenience store robberies, carjackings, or other crimes you may see on the news. The IDPA match frequently requires the participant to act fast and shoot in unusual positions, at short distances, and in a defensive manner. Most shooters already have equipment in place that would allow them to participate in a match. A short list would include nearly any model handgun, a sturdy belt and holster, ammunition (usually less than 90 rounds), and a shirt or garment to conceal the gun from view. Our sign up and scoring results are done through Practiscore. The first match you attend is free. You do not have to be a member of MCRC to shoot a match. Come out and try it, we always welcome new shooters.

Our monthly report follows:

Defensive Pistol Match held October 23, 2021. 24 shooters on match day. One new shooter. Cool in the morning when we started, match temps 50’s to 70’s.

Winners of each class from Practiscore:

High Master: Bob Bailey shooting Stock Service Pistol, also the Overall Match Winner.

High Expert: Gerald Douglas shooting Custom Defensive Pistol, also Most Accurate Shooter.

High Sharpshooter: Richard Pugh shooting CDP.

High Marksman: Michael Davis shooting Concealed Carry Pistol.

High Novice: John Champoux shooting CCP.

High Unclassified: Randy Doucet shooting Carry Optics Pistol.

High Not For Competition: Stevie Phillips shooting .22 caliber.

Honorable mention: Let’s see, how about the out of town shooters that continue to show up at our match. They are close to out-numbering MCRC members.

Next match will be November 27, 2021 at 10 am. Please come join us! This will be our annual Toys For Tots Match, all proceeds are being donated to this worthy cause.

Set up crew: Mike Phillips, Don Rawls, Geraldo Cruzado, John Champoux, Bob Bailey, Jim Kornilieff, Michael Day and Randy Doucet. (This is the most I have seen show up for setup in 5 years. Many many thanks – Don R.)

Other notes: A fun match overall, we had 4 Scenario Stages and 1 Standards Stage. Nothing too complicated, a good warm up going into November.

Safety Officer Class?: Interested in becoming an IDPA Safety Officer? Our Area Coordinator says that if we have enough interest, he will come to MCRC and offer the SO Certification Class in January. Let us know and we will continue to announce this at our matches.

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Respectfully submitted: Don Rawls & Mike Phillips, MCRC IDPA Co Match Directors