NCOWS CAPT. JEB Forrest Memorial Match Results (Apr. 30, 2022)

On April 30, 2022, the “5th Saturday” of April, the South Carolina Old West Shootists held their annual Michael “Capt. JEB Forrest” Fischer Memorial Match, of April 30, 2022.  We had a total of 13 attendees at the match, including several juniors, one of whom was our youngest posse member, Frank James Henry.  The match consisted of 2 main stages authored by Youghiogheny Kid, based on actual Old West events, plus an additional bonus stage, compliments of Cheyenne Jim, based on Old West period marksmanship contests.  We also had a return of our Hanging Man donated by OO and re-framed by James Henry, which was made a debut for testing purposes. 

The match was shortened, with fewer stages than usual, because a picnic luncheon was planned, and the food was all put out by about the time the match ended.  The menu included assorted sub sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, shrimp salad, macaroni salad, chips, cookies, pop, Gatorade, bottled water, Cowboy coffee, and assorted sweet rolls.  Thanks to everyone who contributed. 

The shooting portion of the match had 7 participants with 2 clean shooters. The results are as follows:

4-Gun Smokeless Shootist Parker Palomino, 134.07

4-Gun Black Powder Shootist Manassas, 1st Place, 83.61

4-Gun Double Duelist Doc Who, 95.84

3-Gun Black Powder Duelist Cheyenne Jim, 1st Place, 109.92

2-Gun Working Cowboy MoonShine, 1st Place, 58.09 CLEAN

Deputy Sheriff (2 pistols) J. P. Hara, 51.11

Town Marshal Sgt. R. Henry, 1st Place, 83.61 CLEAN

Our next match will be June 12, 2022 which will be the second Sunday of next month.  Please remember that it is not necessary to have 4 guns, to shoot a match; under our local posse rules, you can shoot the match with even just one single gun.