May 2022 IDPA Report

May 2022 IDPA Report

We had 36 shooters come to our May 28th match at MCRC. Weather was clear, high temp was 85 degrees. 6 stages, comprised of 3 Standards and 3 Scenario stages.

Winners of each class and their division:

High Master: Tim Fritz (Compact Carry Pistol)

High Expert: Richard Turcotte (Carry Optics Pistol)

High Sharpshooter: Mike Bucklin (Stock Service Pistol)

High Marksman: Matthew Stugart (COP)

High Novice: [No scores reported in class]

High Unclassified: David Lyell (COP) (Also Overall Match Winner)

Most Accurate Shooter: Brian Colclough (3 down for the match, excellent)

Honorable Mention: Mike Phillips and Linda Chico that ran the match without assistance from the normal crew members. Also the USPSA shooters. I hope you guys enjoyed it and please come back and shoot with us again.

Quick division explanation: At MCRC, we allow all divisions and have a place for most common handguns. IDPA does not publish an approved handgun list, but they do publish guidelines and requirements for every division on their website. Handguns are divided by overall size, weight, barrel length and action type, along with other requirements. Shooters are to decide what division their handgun would fit in. Match Directors can assist if you need some direction.

SSP [Stock Service Pistol] Duty type full sized handguns. Magazine Division Capacity 15 rounds. Striker fired and double action types. 9mm minimum caliber.

ESP [Enhanced Service Pistol] Full sized modified and factory handguns. Magazine Division Capacity 10 rounds. Striker fired and single action types. 9mm minimum caliber.

CDP [Custom Defensive Pistol] Full sized .45 ACP caliber handguns. Magazine Division Capacity 8 rounds. Striker fired and single action types (1911). Modifications mimic ESP division.

CCP [Compact Carry Pistol] Popular concealed carry handguns. Magazine Division Capacity 10 rounds. Striker fired and double action types. 9mm minimum caliber. Modifications mimic ESP division.

COP [Carry Optics Pistol] Handguns with mounted lasers or red dot optic sights. Magazine Division Capacity 10 rounds. Striker fired and single action types. Modifications mimic ESP division. 9mm minimum caliber.

REV [Revolver] These are further broken down into Stock and Enhanced Categories. 6 round capacity. Stock, uses speed loaders minimum caliber .38 Special; or Enhanced, uses .357 Magnum minimum caliber and allowed to use moon clips in .45 ACP.

BUG [Back Up Gun] These are further broken down into BUG-S (Semi Auto) and BUG-R (Revolver). Small, concealed carry handguns, minimum .380 caliber and .38 Special. Magazine/capacity 6 for -S, and 5 for -R.

PCC [Pistol Caliber Carbine] Rifles in pistol calibers are allowed. Magazine capacity is 30 rounds.

NFC [Not For Competition] Due to ammo shortages, we do allow .22 caliber handguns and carbines, and we will put your score up on Practiscore. Some clubs put these under SPD (Specialty Division).

Setup Crew: Mike Phillips, Don Rawls (I came back for setup from the Georgetown Blue Marlin Tournament due to that day being cancelled out because of weather), Geraldo Cruzado, Tim Fritz, Randy Doucet, Jim Kornilieff, Richard Pugh. Things went smooth and fast on setup. Stages were not too involved and all those mentioned have a good deal of setup experience.

Next match will be Saturday June 25, 2022. Please come join us. Spread the word and bring someone with you!

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[submitted by Don Rawls]