NCOWS Sept 2022 Monthly Match Report

The South Carolina Old West Shootists (SCOWS) held their regularly scheduled monthly “Second Sunday” match for September on Sunday, September 11, 2022, in the Cooper Pistol Bays at the Mid-Carolina Rifle Club.  As usual, the match consisted of 4 main stages, which were based on events that occurred in the Old West during the `late 19th Century and a bonus stage which challenged shooters’ pistol skills on the shotgun and rifle targets. Special thanks to Moonshine, who, in his role as Deputy Posse Marshal, stepped in and ran a great match in Sgt. Henry’s absence.

We had 5 shooters for the match. There was 1 clean shooter this month — Congrats to Moonshine for hitting everything he aimed at and doing so pretty darned quick!

Here are the match results, by category:


MoonShine, 1st Place                                         122.04

Elder 4 Gun Smokeless Shootist

Manassas, 1st Place                                           472.49

3 Gun Smokeless Shootist

Youghiogheny Kid, 1st Place                               234.50

Elder 3 Gun Black Powder Duelist

Cheyenne Jim, 1st Place                                     287.37

Elder 4 Gun Smokeless Duelist (Outlaw)

Doc WHO, 1st Place                                            481.96

Congratulations to all, and thanks to everyone for a great match.


The next SCOWS match will be our October “2nd Sunday” match on Sunday, October 9, 2022. Hope to see you there!

And a reminder to MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! The dates for the 2022 American Frontier & Wild West Festival in Aiken, SC (aka the Aiken Wild West Fest) have been confirmed for November 5 & 6, 2022.  The South Carolina Old West Shootists will have a presentation table for both days of the event, and it is highly likely that more than a few members of our posse will be participating in the reenactments of various shoot-outs that are scheduled for the weekend and may be making a presentation or two on the main stage. Hope y’all can make it out for all of the fun and history.